Visual Storytelling

Every Image Tells a Story

Mission of Visual Storytelling

We want you to learn the language of visual media, to use in making  contact with stakeholders in social work, education or social enterprises, to find out what their needs are, to make a better world together.

In Workshops Visual Storytelling is Play is the most valuble way of learning,  it gives inspiration and you are in a free space able to make mistakes, that are not a probelm and having fun while learning and getting involved.
Stuart Brown, Play
In Workshops Visual Storytelling 
it is Safety first, fun second and learning third. An online leraning environment is Covid-19 free, the conditions for learning are a safe place with a code of conduct, a fun learning way that motivate the participants to get involved and the motivation to learn is high, and it is fun for the workshop facilitator.
Motto from Anne-Mieke
since 1973 Camp Beaver Hollow USA

What is Visual Storytelling

An image tells more than a thousand words. If you show a picture to someone, it tells something about you. An image invites you to tell a story about your life. Images do recall memories and emotions. If you tell people stories with an emotional content, there can be understanding.
You can make visual stories with e.g. refugees, siblings, stakeholders in Social Work.
If stories will have an emotional content, both participants will feel better and understood. They can visualize the stories with photographs, short movies, drawings, stop motion films, and add songs, narration, sound effects and music.

In Workshops Visual Storytelling Online  the learning environment  in online learning is essential, if you have the right  information and software, you can learn independently also after a workshop is given.
Maria Montessori
In Workshaops Visual Storytelling do no harm is the most important in international cooperation. Facilitating one group should not mean the other group will be disadvantaged or harmed.
Anja Wolsky, HAN University


In the workshops Visual Storytelling you learn how to use the media to tell your story. You use your own device. You can draw, take pictures, make a story in Scratch, use free pictures from Creative Commons, or use offline images from magazines and make drawings, collages, portraits or Digital Stories.

We can decide in the preparations what kind of workshop is appropriate for your group and what techniques we can use. As participant, you will get access to a tailor made online learning environment with examples, weblectures, instructions and reference information. In this supportive learning environment all members are invited to active participation.

In workshops Visual Storytelling online peerfeedback is essential to keep the proces of learning together in continuation, also after the workshops are given.
Esher van Popta, HAN Uiversity

Example of an assignment for Visual Storytelling.

In Workshops Visual Storytelling Online developing Intercultural Competence comes with the exchange between people of different nationalities, we have respect for different values.
Mitch Hammer 2011
In workshops Visual Storytelling Online we work with the 7 elements from Digital Storytelling
Joe Lambert, Berkeley

For more than 20 years, the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley has been the inspiration for Anne-Mieke to teach Digital Storytelling and Visual Storytelling to University students from South Africa to India. Thank you, Joe Lambert and Nina Mullen.

AnneMieke.Marty AV Productions
Workshops Visual Storytelling online

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