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Center for Sustainable Development Studies Hanoi, Vietnam

A painting in my Wallet made by Annie CSDS Hanoi Vietnam

February 2 2021 we started with Online Visual Storytelling with CSDS in Hanoi. On February 23, after Tet, we had our second meeting. One social Worker made beautiful pictures from her mother, we were all proud of her. Also we shared beautiful stories in a story circle, on March 9 we continued with Digital Storytelling and the use of Scratch in Social Work. Above you see one of the Digital Stories made by Annie, a beautiful movie about her work with children with Autism. We will continue March 23 with Scratch.

Christ University Bangalore India

Students at Christ University Bangalore, the students love creativa and active online learning Visual Storytelling.@AnneMieke Zaat

January 13, 20 and 27 2021 Anne-Mieke taught Online Visual Storytelling at Christ University School of Business and Management. Students learned to make personal stories to use in their business cases.

In July and August we will have an online elective course about Visual Storytelling for Buisiness and Mangement in combination with Social Work. We will use the book Storytelling in Business from Janis Forman.

January 22, 29, and February 5 and 12 we had Visual Storytelling Workshops with Staff members from Social Work, Sociology and the Center for Social Action. We had a follow-up in March.

AnneMieke. Marty AV Productions started bij Marty de Bruijn and AnneMieke Zaat in 1996 Marty de Bruijn is a Dubbing Director Anne-Mieke is a Photography Teacher and is specialized in International  Online Teaching Visual Storytelling to University Students, Teachers, Volonteers and Social Workers.
Visual Storytelling Online is started to give  online workshops  to Social Workers,Teachers, Volonteers and Social Entrepeneurs  about Visual Storytelling, the use of Photography and Digital Storytelling. @AnneMieke Zaat

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